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Solving Thermal Processing Challenges

Run Better, Faster and More Efficiently

There are many methods of applying heat for industrial process; each has its advantages. Heraeus Noblelight uses the most advanced efficient and cost-effective methods for a given application. That’s why manufacturers worldwide are turning to Heraeus Noblelight for their thermal processing needs. Whether it’s a new application or new performance requirements; thermal process technologies from Heraeus Noblelight are often the ideal means of applying heat to solve complex industrial challenges.
We provide a consultative partnership approach with our customers. You and your needs are the focal point of our team. Our sales and engineering team speaks your language and are experienced in the practical and theoretical aspects of your applications and our products.
Our sales engineers are supported by a strong team of application specialists, thermal process engineers, and a research and development group. We offer our customers worldwide technical support through our Application Centers and support network with an exceptional level of customer service at every turn.
We develop and manufacture heaters, modules, controls, and a large selection of accessories designed to support the components for heat processing applications. Customer support, technical knowhow, and application assistance ensure the highest level of functionality and efficiency.
Heraeus Noblelight provides all of the components necessary for your effective, efficient process application: heaters, modules, SCR controls, digital controllers, control systems, optical pyrometers, quartz and ceramic windows, mounting hardware, wavelength converters, accessories and more, all put together using our extensive application expertise.
Heraeus designs complete thermal heating systems for industrial use. Drawing on our experience with thousands of heat processes worldwide, our engineers work closely with you to configure the ideal heating system. Heraeus offers standard and modular systems, as well as complete customized solutions including: conveyors, support framing, air handling, controls, installation, service and other accessories.
Heraeus has scores of documented success stories in developing heating systems for a vast array of industries and for a full range of applications.
In order to meet unique customer requirements Heraeus Noblelight combines extensive practical experience with modern computational methods. We combine experienced hand on approach with a theoretical background to guide our customers from the concept phase, up to ready for system production. Heraeus offers a full array of application tools and numerical tools -- fully supported by Heraeus expertise -- to aid in project design and implementation.