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A Wide Array of Infrared Applications

Infrared finds practical uses in all kinds of process applications. Below are links to examples of many of these. If you don't see an application that is similar to yours, contact Heraeus to discuss how infrared technology can help your process.

Auto manufacturing-related uses including coating of metals; shaping of materials; activation of adhesives; more.

Curing of powder coating; coating of paper and plastics; curing of water-soluble lacquers, more.

Infrared heat for food processing applications including germ reduction, melting, heating, browning, more.

Infrared used in glass applications including cutting, laminating, drying, coating, tempering and more.

Plastics welding, shrinking of foils, hot riveting and other applications in the plastics industries.

Heating textiles prior to shaping; embossing and laminating textiles, and other uses of infrared.

IR technology for industrial processes that combine raw materials to create new products.

Infrared for high-technology process heat applications in the photovoltaics/solar cell industries.

Precision IR heat for use in exacting applications involving printed electronics manufacture.

Applications in the wood products manufacturing industries, including drying, gelling and curing.

Infrared has practical applications, solving a wide array of processing challenges; here are several.